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Provides you with the best rewards for being a loyal Visa Infinite cardholder

Infinite My Rewards Infinite My Rewards
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Infinite My Rewards
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Specially designed to provide maximum flexibility, options, variety and access, Infinite My Rewards eliminates numerous restrictions and limitations imposed by other programs.

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All your purchases generate points you can convert into that vacation you deserve. With all those points you can:

  • Fly anywhere in the world, including the most popular destinations, on any airline of your choosing and without blackout date restrictions. In addition, flights reserved with the points you have earned on this program allow you to earn additional miles if you are enrolled in the frequent flyer program of your selected airline.
  • Stay at any hotel, anywhere in the world. Infinite My Rewards has carefully selected the best hotel companies to provide you with the most exclusive offers.
  • Car rentals in 26 rental companies around the globe.
  • The possibility to rent a private room, or a full apartment, house or villa through Home Away.
  • Activities at your favorite destination, including day tours, hop on hop off buses and even tickets for theme parks.

Please call your bank to check if your Visa Infinite card provides Infinite My Rewards.

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